Within the framework of the project “University libraries strengthening the academia-society connection through citizen science in the Baltics” (abbreviated – LibOCS) it is planned to clarify such seemingly simple issues in the Baltic States. Currently, the survey “Collaboration for research: researchers, citizens, memory institutions specialists, and their roles” is being implemented in the Baltic States in the period until June 17.


The main target audience of this survey is university researchers, as well as specialists from all memory institutions: libraries, museums and archives in all Baltic countries. Amateur researchers as well as any research enthusiasts are also invited to complete the survey. Through this survey, it is intended to identify research projects and activities in which the population is actively involved and to find out the differences in the tasks of the parties involved in such projects: researchers, specialists in memory institutions and amateur researchers/citizens.

The survey will help to complement other results of the LibOCS project, which seeks answers to the question – what role can representatives of academic libraries in the Baltic States play in citizen science activities.

If you have not yet participated in the survey, you can do so until June 17 here.