Citizen Science Toolkit for Librarians

About the Toolkit

Welcome to the Citizen Science toolkit for Librarians, an open access resource collection created collaboratively by five partners in the Erasmus+ project LibOCS: University Libraries Strengthening the Academia-Society Connection through Citizen Science in the Baltics.


About the toolkit
The Basics of Citizen Science
Implementing Citizen Science in Libraries
Citizen Science Portals
Implementing Citizen Science Support Hub
Citizen Scientists and Volunteers
Training for Librarians
Guides and Toolkits

The toolkit is designed for librarians interested in citizen science. The material was collected and stored throughout the project in the Zenodo LibOCS Collection. You are welcome to browse our Zenodo repository as well as the current toolkit.

The toolkit contains information about and references to:

  • 100 curated resources collected during two project phases PR3 and PR6;
  • the online course “Citizen Science for Librarians” created in project phase PR3;
  • five original videos created by LibOCS partners in project phase PR6;
  • other relevant materials about the relation between citizen science and libraries.

The toolkit has been designed to be a supportive material that:

  • is modular, easy to follow, and accessible to any type of librarian, regardless of their previous knowledge in the area;
  • gives an overview of the principles of citizen science;
    enables librarians to develop the necessary skills to support citizen science projects;
  • can be used for training purposes.

The toolkit is not intended to be comprehensive and covers information that can be used by library workers at all levels of previous experience.

As the field of citizen science is constantly evolving and we cannot guarantee the comprehensiveness of the collection, we encourage all librarians to search for relevant information on their own and keep an eye on the advancements in the field.