Introducing LibOCS to Estonian academic libraries at the „Academic and Subject Libraries Day“

Lilian Neerut from the University of Tartu presented the LibOCS project at the annual „Academic and subject libraries day“ on the 27th of October. The day focused on various projects Estonian libraries are involved with.

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Video recording and presentations of the webinar “Collaboration and participation perspectives for open research in the Baltics: researchers, citizens, librarians as partners” available

A webinar “Collaboration and participation perspectives for open research in the Baltics: researchers, citizens, librarians as partners” was organized by LibOCS team on October 25, 2022. It gathered more than 130 participants from The Baltic states – librarians, museum and archive specialists, researchers and other interesents in citizen science. They were introduced to goals of the LibOCS Project and future perspectives on the role of academic libraries in citizen science field.

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The LibOCS project is presented at the conference of the the Scientific Library of Riga Technical University celebrated

This autumn, on October 18, the Scientific Library of Riga Technical University celebrated its 160th anniversary. In honor of this important anniversary, an international conference was held, of which consisted of two parts. The first part was devoted to the historical aspects of the library’s activity, while the speakers presented the achievements, projects and future plans of academic libraries in the second. This important anniversary of the library gathered a large number of conference listeners from Latvia and abroad in the beautiful library premises. The Latvian audience was mainly made up of academic library employees, but there were also guests from cooperating partner libraries in foreign coutries: Finland and Lithuania, and virtually Moldova.

Mārīte Saviča and Gita Rozenberga
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Publicity of LibOCS project in The European Researchers’ Night

The European Researchers’ Night on September 30 was celebrated in the University of Latvia. Among many different events interesents were introduced to Citizen Science ideas and opportunities. In the library of the House of Science a board game “I want to research” was offered which lets participants act as scientists and play through the stages of research. During the game different aspects of science processes were discussed, for example, formulation of the idea, searching for information, cooperation with the society and other researchers. The participants were interested in Open Science and Citizen Science movements and shared their ideas about how to involve broader public in research activities. Chief librarian Gita Rozenberga introduced interesents to LibOCS project goals and encouraged everyone to participate in science related activities.


Training activity in Riga for Baltic HEIs on open and citizen science capabilities

Between September 20th – 23rd, the University Library of Latvia hosted a week of Learning, Teaching, and Training Activities (LTTA) for the Baltic higher education institutes on open and citizen science capabilities. The meeting served to upskill staff for the next project activities ahead, but also addressed transversal tasks such as project management, dissemination, quality assurance and sustainability.

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LibOCS project team invites interested parties to the Multiplier event webinar on strengthening collaboration between citizens and researchers for research and open science projects

The webinar “Collaboration and participation perspectives for open research in the Baltics: researchers, citizens, librarians as partners” will bring together professional and amateur researchers, teaching staff, volunteers, librarians, and other memory institution professionals, as well as other interested parties, to explore and discuss how to empower scientists and the community to resolve ecologic, social and other problems.

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The survey results will be available soon

The second phase of the LibOCS project consisted of a two-part survey. In the first part and the questionnaire, more general information and feedback from the respondents about the cooperation between researchers, specialists of libraries and other memory institutions, and amateur researchers were clarified.

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Kaunas University of Technology Library’s series of interviews

As part of the Erasmus+ project “University libraries strengthening the academia-society connection through citizen science in the Baltics” (LibOCS), Kaunas University of Technology Library continues its series of interviews with researchers and this time interviews Egle Butkeviciene, Professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts at KTU, who is the head of the research group on citizen science. Text in Lithuanian is here.

Eglę Butkevičienę
Eglę Butkevičienę

Prof. R. Petrauskaitė on the possibilities and perspectives of citizen science

The phenomenon of citizen science is still a new, unknown and too little attention-getting topic in Lithuania. A particularly strong contrast emerges when trying to compare this phenomenon with citizen science projects developed in Western Europe, which long ago crossed the boundaries of local interest and became the targets of national strategies. Scientists from Vytautas the Great University spoke about this and many other issues of citizen science in recently published interviews.

Rūta Petrauskaitė
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